Meet Our Staff

meet-our-staff-insetAdvanced Radiation Center StaffARC is proud to have the finest technical, scientific and administrative staff, all of whom share our commitment of excellence toward our common goal of providing compassionate care, unsurpassed experience and state-of-the-art technology for our patients.

Physics Department / Chief Physicist – John Keane

Radiation Oncology is a technology-based specialty, and the members of our Physics department are responsible for both maintaining the integrity and precision of these technologies, as well as aiding the physicians in the planning for each and every patient’s radiation plan. The Physics team is led by Board Certified Medical Physicists and includes Junior Physicists and Medical Dosimetrists, who use sophisticated computers to create three dimensional models of each patient’s anatomy in order to plan exactly how the radiation will be targeted to the areas at risk, while staying away from the healthy neighboring tissues.

Medical Dosimetrist

The Medical Dosimetrist is a member of the radiation oncology team who has the expertise necessary to generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations in collaboration with the Radiation Oncologist and Medical Physicist. Designing a patient’s treatment plan requires a delicate balance between delivering the physician’s prescribed dose while considering dose-limiting organs. The Medical Dosimetrist is cognizant of procedures commonly used in brachytherapy and has the ability to execute planning for intracavitary and interstitial dose delivery. Knowledge would also include the overall characteristics and clinical relevance of radiation treatment machines and equipment. The Medical Dosimetrist is a significant part of a team, which contributes toward cancer survivorship on a daily basis.

Radiation Therapy Department / Chief – Chris Piacenti

Daily radiation treatments are delivered by our Radiation Therapists, who are healthcare technicians – experts in radiation delivery. They have undergone years of specialized training before becoming Certified Radiation Therapy Technicians (RTT). The Radiation Therapists carry out the plan created by the Radiation Oncologists and the specialists in the physics group. In addition to their national certifications, the Radiation Therapists at ARC receive specialty training in all of Advanced Radiation Center’s state-of-the-art technologies, and as such are likely the most technologically-experienced group of radiation technicians in this part of the country.  Advanced Radiation Centers are also teachers in the field.

Because of the extensive nature of our technology and the unparalleled knowledge and experience of our entire staff,  ARC has been designated as a “Clinical Training Site” by Nassau Community College’s Radiation Therapy School,  the only such school on Long Island. Radiation Therapy students train in both clinical and physics rotations at all of ARC’s Long Island facilities. Our physics, therapy and physician staff also provide teaching lessons for many of these students, both at our offices and at the college.

Administrative Department / Administrator - Denise Capece

Our goal at Advanced Radiation Centers is to provide our patients with the finest and most technically-advanced treatments available, and to ensure that your experience during this volatile time is as issue-free as possible. This would not be possible without the efforts of our wonderful support staff. From your first call to our offices, our front desk and reception staff will treat you with the loving care you deserve, as if you were a member of their own family. Additionally, they will always be available to answer any questions that you may have, put you in touch with your doctor for the more technical questions you may need answered, and will help with any special accommodations or requests you may have throughout your treatment. At each ARC location, our Office Managers support these efforts and are available to help facilitate your smooth and comfortable treatment process.

In this era of medical insurance paperwork and often-times inefficiencies, our billing staff is always available to help you obtain referrals and answer questions related to your insurance and the billing processes. Finally, as a division of Integrated Medical Professionals, the largest urology-based multi-specialty practice in New York State, the level and depth of support for any situation is readily available and accessible.

Clinical Department / Chief Medical Assistant – Michelle Primiano

Although many of the staff members of other departments are involved in the direct care of our patients, the medical assistants and nursing staff, as well as the Physicians, are specifically involved in the clinical health of all ARC patients before, during and after their course of radiation therapy. The Medical Assistants work directly with the Radiation Oncologists in a nursing capacity. During weekly on-treatment assessments that are part of the typical patient treatment course, the Medical Assistants interview the patients regarding any symptoms they may be experiencing as a result of their treatment, and they assist the Radiation Oncologist in monitoring your progress during your treatment course. They serve as a liaison to the physician, and provide patients with information and education regarding the various aspects of radiation therapy. The Radiation Oncologist is the leader of the Radiation Oncology team responsible for creating and delivering precision radiation to tumors and areas that may harbor malignant cells. They are specialists in the use of ionizing radiations to treat cancer. Our physicians have trained at the finest institutions in the country, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Ivy League schools such as: Yale University and Cornell University.